Chaos has attacked and been repelled by the guns of Avalon.

Eric lives, but none can say for how long.

Dara has walked the Pattern and proclaimed that "Amber will be destroyed!"

Fresh horrors stalk Arden and old rivalries erupt in the courts of Amber.

We live in interesting times.
The Trumps of Amber have the ability to reach across the shadows and connect people and places. Their creator is dead, murdered at the hands of a mysterious assailant. What secrets are left undiscovered? The Pattern seems to be baneful to the Black Road, but what does this mean? What ancient enemies did Oberon make, who now seek to assault Amber in its moment of weakness? The Black Road War goes on, even as Oberon's children and grandchildren discover the deterioration in things they once took for granted, in the wake of Oberon's disappearance. Now they are faced with the task of unraveling ancient riddles, rediscovering lost powers, and resuming guardianships from the distant past, even as their enemies close in around them.